Back to School Lunch Idea Roundup

With school back in session, we’re packing more lunches than ever and sometimes our inspiration meter runs a little low.  Here’s a roundup of five cute and fun lunch ideas from across the internet.  And some of my random stream-of-consciousness thoughts at the end…

This banana makes me happy.  I may never do a true bento, but I can scratch a banana with a toothpick!  From Mamabelly:
Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

Sandwich kabobs – now that Lily’s old enough not to poke her eye out with the stick. From Simple as That – the blog:
Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

Green machine pizza from Weelicious:

Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

Pizza in another form – “pizza scrolls” from I Pack Lunch:

Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

And, of course, these cute Lunchbox Notes.  Lily would never let me do this, but I hear some kids adore getting notes in their lunchbox. I know I would.  From Our Best Bites:
Lunchbox Printables from Our Best Bites!

(Aside: For some reason, this post reminded me of the episode of The IT Crowd when Roy and Moss give Jen the internet – a small black box with a red LED light on top.  If you’ve never seen the show I’d highly recommend watching it. While you’re making banana art.)

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  1. Erica says

    I just found you through Pinterest, and I have to say this post was a breath of fresh air. I read the last sentence, “I am not and will never be the kind of mother that cuts letters out of cheese or creates a work-of-art bento for lunch. And that’s okay,” and felt completely validated! Ha! That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking all evening as I scan the internet for fresh and healthy ideas for my second grader’s school lunches. I mean, some of those fancy bentos are super-cool, but seriously? Who puts eyes on EVERY piece of a lunch, turning every item into a creature?? If I can find healthy variety my picky eater loves, I have WON. And so has she. :) Thank you so much for your ideas!

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